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Joshua Holko: Arctic Photographer of the Year 2015

The purpose of the Global Arctic Awards - 2015 contest is to show the magnificence of the diverse North and Arctic world through the photo art. The contestants works will represent the beautiful variety of the North nature and wildlife, depict the peculiarities of the “icy” world of the Arctic, and narrate unforgettable photo stories about the culture, life and centuries-old customs of the North minorities . Through the prism of photographic lenses the coldest, deeply frozen Earth regions, covered with ice and snow, will appear in a new perspective.

Moab Paper is proud to sponsor Joshua Holko and love seeing his work printed on Somerset Museum Rag and Juniper Baryta Rag.

"This morning I awoke to the very exciting news that I have won the grand prize of the 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year award. Winning the Global Arctic Photographer of the Year award is a huge thrill and honour for me; the incredibly high standard of photographic work being produced in Europe is very intimidating and I am deeply humbled to have had my work chosen from a pool of such amazing photographs and amazing photographers. In total I took out five medals across the different categories including Gold, Silver and the FLAP Special award in two categories as well as the overall Grand Prize of 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year. As an added bonus, I am told that I am the first photographer outside of Norway to win this award."

Joshua Holko

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